Back together!


Valentine’s Day ’14

This post is a few weeks late, but as of February 8, the long distance relationship is over!  Shane and I spent 11 days touring Ireland and a bit over a week ago, we headed back to Korea; Shane to Jeonju, and I to Daejeon.  Tonight he and I are moving the rest of my stuff.  So, we’ll still be long distance, but this time only an hour.  Just being in the same time zone feels like a luxury!

Anyway, we’re back, better than ever, and bending ourselves to our new jobs and new neighborhoods.  This week I’ll be sharing pictures from our Irish adventures, snaps of my new apartment and decorating schemes, and maybe some of my “new professor” outfit choices.  Wish us luck, and hope to speak to you all soon!

Elise, happy to be with us again


4 thoughts on “Back together!

  1. cupitonians

    So excited for the both of you. Reunions are the best. I’m looking forward to being in a similar situation come September and so I can’t wait to read about how it’s going for the two of you! Congratulations!

  2. dayisnight Post author

    Thanks! How long have you two been separated? It was 4 and a half long months for us, but once we were back together is felt like we hadn’t been apart!

    1. dayisnight Post author

      Thanks!! There were definitely days when I thought that the 4.5 months would never be over, but I think that with the right plans, many couples could do it 🙂


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