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Crochet afghan


Way back in September, not long before Shane and I began our LDR, I made a list of goals for the next 4.5 months.  One of those goals was to crochet my first afghan…and I actually did it!  I finished this blanket in December or January, but waited until he and I returned to Korea to do the last row.


The pattern that I used is here.  Obviously I improvised, and because of my improvisations, I ended up using quite a bit more yarn than I had expected to use.


The blanket is not perfect and it’s not thick, but it’s very soft and warm, and it reminds me a little bit of a falsa (a kind of Mexican blanket).

Have you ever crocheted or knitted a blanket?  Any suggestions for what I should make next?




A late happy holidays

It’s been so long!  I’ve been incredibly busy, but I’ve got some fun posts planned, including: what’s in my bag, what’s in my carry-on, Detroit from a Detroiter, how to prepare your cat for a separation, and more.  Before I get ahead of myself, the good news:

  1.  I’m home!  I’m visiting my family in America.  I’ve been here about two weeks with two more to go.  And then
  2. Ireland!  Although I won’t be liveblogging it, you’ll all get to experience my reunion with Shane and our vacation in Éire.  Everything is planned now and I can’t wait to share it all.
  3. I got a university job!  This was the main reason that I’ve not been blogging: I wanted to keep everything shrouded in secrecy until contracts were signed and plans were made.  More about that later.

Before I get caught up in all that’s new, I’d like to share a couple moments from my Christmas dinner, which, in keeping with tradition, was spent with my friend Jordin.  This year we decided to go out for shabu shabu instead of cooking and staying in, and also this year her student joined us:


christmas02 christmas03 christmas04

christmas07 christmas08Delicious!

If you’re in the Jeonju area and want to drop in on this place, good luck!  It’s quite good (and, actually, it’s the first place I ate at when I came to Korea) but it’s hard to find because the name changed about two years ago and nothing has been updated.  It’s in new Hyoja-dong (효자동),  and it’s called Da Chae Woo Mi (다채우미), formerly Hae Ddeul Nal (해뜰날).  Click here to access the Jeonju city map, scroll down to “Shabu Shabu – mushroom and beef” and you’ll get a map (link opens in a new window).

I hope everyone is having a warm, safe winter season.  If you have any suggestions for posts that you’d like to see while I’m home, let me know!

Crochet lamb baby hat and afghan

ImageNovember is such a hectic month, between the holidays and trying to tie up loose ends before the year ends.  And this year is no different!  In addition to the usual hustle and bustle, this month is Shane’s birthday, our anniversary, and two lovely ladies will be having two lovely babies; the first will be Shane’s sister, Clare, and the second will be a friend of mine, Su.  Now, I’m not really good with babies, but I have a decent hand for crocheting, so I decided to whip up my “specialty:” lamb hats!

hat02 hat03So, what do you think?  Eat hat takes me about 60-90 minutes.  I wish I could share a pattern, but I don’t actually know how to read patterns, ha ha.  As you can see, I made one slightly larger than the other based on what I was told about the size of babies’ heads in either family.  I’ve only ever met Shane’s sister on Skype, so I really hope that she will like this little token of goodwill.

Speaking of crocheting, here is a little update on the afghan I’ve been working on (which you might have spied in my Día de los Muertos entry):

blanket01 blanket02 blanket03As you can see, it’s not anywhere near finished. Eek!  If I’m going to meet my goal I really  need to get cracking on it!  To be fair, I ran out of the tawny yarn and have only now found it online.






In ten days, I will be beginning a long distance relationship.  Not just long distance (although that’s quite enough!) but also across time zones.  My  boyfriend, Shane, will be spending 5 months at home in Ireland, and we’ll have an 8 hour time difference between us.  There is already a 13 hour time difference between me and my friends and family in Detroit, so I feel like an old hand at this, haha.

So, in preparation, I’ve been doing two things: spending quality time and making goals.  Time passes so much easier for me when I’m staring at a bunch of little check points instead of worrying about making it to a finish line.

My goals for the next 5 months are these:

  • Get back into crocheting and embroidery;
  • Read so much more;
  • Reboot my wardrobe to be more professional;
  • Move up two belts in Haedong Gumdo;
  • Plan my visit to Ireland;
  • Become an excellent correspondent;
  • Keep a blog to show and share.

Part of the quality time that Shane and I have been enjoying has been spent taking lots of pictures.  Here’s a shot of me that he got last week; more to come.