Tokyo in 2013.

Hi, welcome!  I’m Anjelica, 26, and I live in Korea with my cat.  We live in Daejeon and I teach at at a university (she’s a homemaker).  I’m from Detroit and I’ve been in Korea since winter of 2012, but this  is not a “living in Korea” blog  – it’s just a regular lifestyle blog that’s meant to share my projects and my pictures with friends, family, and readers.  I started this blog at the same time that my boyfriend and I began a long distance relationship, so I’ll be focusing on that, too.

Day is Night takes its name from the trouble of keeping in touch with family and friends across a 13 hour time difference.


6 thoughts on “About

    1. dayisnight Post author

      I am teaching right now! I studied ESL, but most ESL jobs in America want 2+ years of experience teaching abroad. So I applied to jobs in a few countries and settled in Korea 🙂

  1. Rachel

    I am also in an LDR – Georgia to California, but I couldn’t imagine having such a crazy time difference or being on completely different continents.

    1. dayisnight Post author

      It was really really hard! The LDR actually finished earlier this month and we are finally together again, but oh my gosh, it was the hardest 4.5 months ever!


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