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Apartment tour

Better late than never, right?  Five months after moving in, it’s time for a little apartment tour…and you’ll see just how “little” once you see the size of my apartment!  It’s about 30m², which is tiny, of course, but much bigger than the apartments that most (single) foreigners live in.  However, with my new position I decided to reward myself (and my cat) with something slightly more comfortable.  And I find that it’s the perfect size for us.




The spare room has been converted into a living room, dining room, and hobby room.

bedroom01 bedroom02 bedroom03 bedroom04

kitchen01 the view from my bedroom: to the far left, obscured, are doors to the laundry and living rooms.  To the right is the bathroom.  On top of my refrigerator you can see my oven, microwave, and electric kettle.kitchen02 kitchen03Longtime readers will recognize the photo collage that I made last year for my Día de los Muertos altar.  That cabinet stores shoes.

kitchen04 The view from the door.  The phone is for my door intercom.  That brown thing hanging from the pipe by the ceiling is a St. Brigid’s cross; Shane bought it for me in Ireland and put it up there when he helped me move in.  I’m not religious or superstitious, but I like having it up there.

bathroomBetween the kitchen and the bedroom, the bathroom.  Like most apartments in South Korea, my bathroom is a wetroom.  When I shower, I do so right next to the toilet, there.  This bathroom is much smaller than most that I’ve seen, but everything had been remodeled right before I moved in, so it was worth it to me.



And, in the interest of honesty, my laundry room and junk room.  It’s actually much neater on the other side, but I have the clothes horse up and no one needs to see my underwear, haha!

I hope you enjoyed the apartment tour.  I’m always thinking up new ways to make it more comfortable, so please feel free to make suggestions.