What’s in my bag


This is my everyday bag. I got it for 49,000 on gmarket (about $47).  I love that this bag can be worn over the shoulder or on my arm, and I also love the subtle metal hardware.


From the top, you can see that there is a little privacy flap.  The flap snaps closed, and inside the bag there are three compartments.  Up the middle is a little, zippered compartment that separates the front from the back:


Contents of the front and back compartments

Contents of the front and back compartments

Chewable Pepto Bismol | Kindle keyboard with a leather, lighted cover | Black leather wallet | House keys with customer cards  | Sunglasses from Myeongdong in Seoul | International Driving Permit | iPhone 5s (case from Society6) | Pencil and pen case| On-the-go charger for my phone other electronics | hand cream from the Saem

Contents of the middle flap

Contents of the middle flap

Earbuds and ipod | Chanel Coco Rogue Boy | MAC Ladybug | Nars Dolce Vita | Aveeno chapstick | Clinique Black Honey | business cards (with my old contact information) by moo cards | eye drops

As you can see, my purse is a bit spartan compared to some others.  Last year I resolved to clean receipts and spare change out of my bag, and to only keep things that I regularly used.  My lipcare collection has gotten out of control, and I don’t use the sunglasses often, but other than that I have kept my resolution.  How do you organize things in your bag?  And what are your essentials?  Let me know!


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