Jeonju Zoo and Snake City Reptile Cafe

Last weekend was a day fullll of animals!  I went to two places that I’d never been before: the Jeonju Zoo, and Snake City, a new reptile cafe across from the downtown area.  Take a look!

zoo01 zoo02 zoo03 zoo04 zoo05 zoo06

If this zoo looks somewhat depressing…that’s because it was.zoo07 zoo08 zoo09 zoo10 zoo11 zoo12 zoo13 zoo14


Let us out!zoo15 zoo16

Next we headed to Snake City.  Below, the birthday girl was handed the first snake:

snake01My camera died after taking this picture, so the pictures from here on are taken with my iphone.  Sorry!



Happy  birthday, Gaby!snake03 snake04 snake05 snake06 snake07

I got in on the action, too.

snake08Thanks for reading!  Would you go to a reptile cafe?


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