Crochet lamb baby hat and afghan

ImageNovember is such a hectic month, between the holidays and trying to tie up loose ends before the year ends.  And this year is no different!  In addition to the usual hustle and bustle, this month is Shane’s birthday, our anniversary, and two lovely ladies will be having two lovely babies; the first will be Shane’s sister, Clare, and the second will be a friend of mine, Su.  Now, I’m not really good with babies, but I have a decent hand for crocheting, so I decided to whip up my “specialty:” lamb hats!

hat02 hat03So, what do you think?  Eat hat takes me about 60-90 minutes.  I wish I could share a pattern, but I don’t actually know how to read patterns, ha ha.  As you can see, I made one slightly larger than the other based on what I was told about the size of babies’ heads in either family.  I’ve only ever met Shane’s sister on Skype, so I really hope that she will like this little token of goodwill.

Speaking of crocheting, here is a little update on the afghan I’ve been working on (which you might have spied in my Día de los Muertos entry):

blanket01 blanket02 blanket03As you can see, it’s not anywhere near finished. Eek!  If I’m going to meet my goal I really  need to get cracking on it!  To be fair, I ran out of the tawny yarn and have only now found it online.






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