Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

This weekend was the Jeonju Bibimbap festival.  For the unaware, Jeonju is the culinary epicenter of South Korea, and UNESCO even named Jeonju “City of Gastronomy.”  As a resident, I couldn’t agree more!  So, yesterday some friends and I headed to Hanok Village to take part in the fun.

bibimbap01It was packed!  The staff members are preparing to pass out free bibimbap.  They’ve just finished a competition where each neighborhood in Jeonju (32, I believe) made their own bibimbap.

bibimbap02 bibimbap03Some adjumas in traditional clothes are plating up the bibimbap.


bibimbap05After that we walked around the area.

bibimbap06 bibimbap07 bibimbap08 bibimbap09 bibimbap10 bibimbap11 bibimbap12 bibimbap13 bibimbap14 bibimbap15 bibimbap16 bibimbap17We spent much of the day doing a scavenger hunt – after collecting 8 stamps, we got our prizes: bibimbap keychains!

bibimbap18 bibimbap19 bibimbap20

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6 thoughts on “Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

    1. dayisnight Post author

      Each one tasted slightly different as they were different recipes, but mine was spicy and savory. Red pepper paste is a main ingredient in bibimbap so mine had the paste, lots of veg, and I think mushrooms. It was so good!


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