Favorite Spots: Cafe Sade

I know some of you read this blog for a peek into my life in Korea, so I thought I’d do a new feature.  “Favorite Spots” will show my favorite places around Jeonju.  I will only feature places that I visit on a regular or semi-regular basis.  The first spot that I want to highlight is actually quite near to my apartment; maybe a 2 minute walk.  It’s called Cafe Sade.

sade01View from the street.

sade02Now, Jeonju is a city of a million cafes, and most of them have a cute theme.  But what sets Cafe Sade apart from other cafes in Jeonju is definitely the dedication to sound.  There is no typical cafe music here, but rather the music for the cafe is mixed in this little room by the counter:




The counter area.  Another thing that sets Cafe Sade apart from other cafes is that it serves alcohol – and not just Cass, Cafri and Soju.  Sade has a very nice wine pantry at a variety of prices.  The cheapest is, I believe, a white at around 30,000/bottle, and the prices go up to a little over 100,000.  Wine cannot be ordered by the glass, but unfinished bottles can be recorked and taken home.

In addition to the wine and beer, Cafe Sade has a variety of teas, coffees, and smoothies, as well as appetizers and finger food.sade07 sade08 sade09Some of the seating by the door, with a peek outside at the patio.


sade11 sade12 sade13And my friend, Emily, waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

There is also a meeting room that I did not photograph because it was in use.

sade14The coffee page of the menu.

sade15I got a choco smoothie.  It was delicious! At at 5,000W, great for my wallet, too!

What else?  Cafe Sade has free wifi, a chill environment, and it feels distinctly cool.  At any given time there are people there reading, mixing music, meeting with friends, or on a date.  The menu has both Korean and English, and if you want to practice your Korean, the fonts and the handwriting and easy to read.  Sarah is always behind the counter and she speaks good English and is very helpful and friendly.

So how do you get to Cafe Sade?

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.15.29 AMclick to enlarge

The “A” and “B” on the map are the Bone Hospital.  Cafe Sade is on a street that runs parallel to Junghwasan-ro.  If your Korean is good enough, you can direct a cabbie from this photo.  As you can see, there are two bus stops right near Cafe Sade.  I’m not sure which buses to take to get there.  From a taxi, let them know that you are going to 종화산동 (Junghwasan-dong) and then ask for either the Bone Hospital (본병원, “bone byung-wun”) or the apartment building across the street from Sade (현대에코르 아파트, “hyundeh eh-ko-ruh apah-tuh”).    Sade is open from 2pm-2am.  Have fun!






2 thoughts on “Favorite Spots: Cafe Sade

  1. Maria Genaw (Mom)

    Could you let us know what the exchange rate is, so that we can have an idea of the prices in this cafe? Also, how do you pronounce the name of the cafe? Can you tell us a little more about the drinks that you described (Cass, etc.)? Thanks for taking us to one of your favorite places!

    1. dayisnight Post author

      Yeah sure! One US dollar is 1059.42 Korean won – so actually the dollar has fallen during the time I’ve been here (it was ~1200 KRW when I came). Also, in Korea tax and gratuity is already factored into the price, so the price that you see is the price that you pay.

      I think that the cafe’s name is meant to rhyme with “made” but I have friends who pronounce it “sade-y.” I haven’t noticed it written in Hangeul (Korean) anywhere so I’m not sure.

      Cass is your typical light beer – I would say it’s like Budlite, but tastes a bit more carbonated. I had a cabernet that was exactly as it should be: dry, smooth.


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