All my hope: traveling notebook


Who doesn’t love getting mail?  This traveling notebook is a combination of two things that I love: getting mail and feeling connected with Shane.  Shane and I have totally different communication styles…I love to talk talk talk, and he loves to listen.  But the distance sometimes makes me feel like my needs for communication aren’t being met.  When he lived here, he could show me that he cared by  spending time with me or cooking for me, but now that we have an ocean between us and no internet access, we have to be creative.  Enter the traveling  notebook.

The idea behind the traveling notebook is simple: mail a notebook back and forth, and each party will write something in it (or draw), and then mail it back.  Before Shane left, I mentioned that I was going to practice my cursive (I know, I know) by writing out my favorite poems.  He said that I should send them to him.  My favorite poem is actually quite long, so I bought a nice notebook to write it in and then…eureka!

ImageToda mi esperanza: “all my hope.”



The poem itself was 3 pages!  That’s a lot of cursive, especially when you’re out of practice.

note05 note06The poem is Lenox Hill by Agha Shahid Ali.

My notebook is very simple, but I look forward to sharing it as it becomes more collaborative and interesting.  If you want to do something like this, you could use a simple, bound notebook, or a classic Moleskine, or something cute and funky from your location stationary shop.  (My notebook was 1500W from CNA.)  Use pens, markers, stickers, pencils, and cut outs from magazines to decorate it.  This is also a great project for friends or family members!

Some mood boards:

Notebook romance1
Notebook romance2
Notebook romance3

2 thoughts on “All my hope: traveling notebook

  1. junefirst13

    I LOVE this idea and not sure why I didn’t think of it myself. Thank you. My hubby and I have been long distance for 18 months now and I just started a blog too. Check it out! We aren’t the romantic types so sharing ideas with other LDR couples is very helpful for us.


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