bye, Shane

Shane left this morning.  It’s very strange to think about eating dinner alone tonight, or wondering when my cat, Elise, will notice that something is up.  Anyway, I’m trying not to be so grandiose about it; he’s at home in Ireland and we are together and in four months I will go for a visit (a vacation!) and we will return here together.

One thing Shane always is is thoughtful.  He came by my place early last night, and later on confessed that he had come to hide chocolates throughout my apartment for me.  He hadn’t been able to because I’d come home early from work.  He had, however, managed to get one surprise in!


And what’s inside?


Letter writing supplies!  I don’t think I mentioned, but Shane will be spending most of his time home with his parents, who live in an area where they cannot get internet access.  He doesn’t plan to get a phone while he’s there, so we’ll be doing a lot of letter writing.  I’m actually a bit excited about it!  I love the idea of waiting for something in the mail.

Speaking of, I decided to treat myself to a new bag and my cat to a new litterbox.  Both should be arriving today, so look for a review or two later in the week.


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