Chuseok holiday

This week was Chuseok – a day for giving thanks, visiting your hometown, and being with your family – and a happy side effect of this was a five day weekend!  Since Shane is leaving next week, we decided not to travel and instead took the opportunity to spend time together.




A family of cats, tied up while their owners were on vacation. Over the next few days we came back repeatedly to feed and water them.




chu046 chu047 chu048ImageImageImageImageImage

This building is under construction and it looks like someone has hung up their laundry!


But we didn’t just go around taking pictures all day.  We were also watching Oscar, a four month old cat that Shane found as a small kitten.  We gave him to a friend and this week he spent a couple days with us…and with my cat, Elise.




Elise, scaring Oscar.

ImageImageShane comforting Oscar.

Next week will be difficult.  Shane is leaving on Thursday, so we’re taking a 3am bus to Seoul Wednesday night.  I’ll see him off, get back on the bus, and arrive home just in time for Gumdo.  Wish me luck!


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